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Biological Station

A home for nature

The “Western Ruhr Region Biological Station” has had a base in the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord since 2005. It’s to be found in the building of the former sampling plant.

The work of the Biological Station is as varied as the Landschaftspark’s flora and fauna. The staff are particularly involved with the collection of scientific data on the plant and animal world but, in cooperation with the park administration, are also involved with the formulation of maintenance and development plans.

In addition to the preoccupation of the “Western Ruhr Region Biological Station” with the nature conservation, the environment and the landscape, they are also busy in areas such as: the development and delivery of wild life conservation programmes; specialist advice on restoration measures; and intensive work in public relations and providing information on all sorts of subjects. The Biological Station’s area of operations includes the cities of Duisburg, Mülheim on the Ruhr and Oberhausen, where it devotes its attention to designated conservation areas and areas deemed worthy of conservation.


The precise range of the Western Ruhr Region Biological Station’s duties comprises a complex range of urban biotopes (e.g. industrial and commercial waste areas). Concepts for the preservation and development of inner-city open spaces are developed and implemented at the station.

Other work which falls within the remit of the Western Ruhr Region Biological Station includes: looking after conservation areas, land reclamation measures, nature conservation, scientific research, data collection, technical advice, wildlife protection and provision of information.


The areas of work with which the Western Ruhr Region Biological Station is involved gives rise to a broad spectrum of projects run by staff at the station. Their field of operations comprises an area of about 400 km².

The understanding and examination of the industrial habitat in the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord is as much part of the activities of the Biological Station as nature conservation and environmental education in schools. At the same time nature trails are created, for example through the Hiesfelder Forest which, like the meadow landscapes of the “Ruhraue in Mülheim” and the “Rheinaue Walsum”, is part of the Biological Station’s conservation areas.


Adults and children can find out all about the flora and fauna of the Ruhr District at events run by the Biological Station. On the day devoted to the diversity of species, for example, the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord is regularly searched for species of animals and plants – with fascinating results. For no fewer than 450 species of flowering plants live on the site of the former ironworks.

You’ll find the events programme of the Western Ruhr Region Biological Station on their homepage as a downloadable PDF file.

Biologische Station Westliches Ruhrgebiet e.V.

Dependance im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord
Lösorter Straße 119
47137 Duisburg

T +49 (0) 203 41 79 28 0
F +49 (0) 203 41 79 28 9

Ripshorster Str. 306
46117 Oberhausen

T +49 (0) 208 46 86 09 0
F +49 (0) 208 46 86 09 9

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