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Overview of the venues

The photogenic backdrop of the former Meiderich ironworks has made a name for itself with charismatic event venues for 25 to 4,200 guests and extensive outdoor spaces for up to 15,000 guests. The atmosphere created by the backdrop of the blast furnaces is rich in contrasts, providing promotions with a great visual appeal and the perfect ambience.

Venues such as the Power Plant, the Blower House Complex and the Casting House are real winners with their unique atmosphere imbued with industrial heritage and providing the perfect stage for spectacular events.

Throughout the year, the Landschaftspark is venue for exhibitions, concerts, corporate functions, dance productions, galas, incentives, meetings, open-air cinema, plays, product launches, seminars, sports events, trade fairs, workshops etc.

Highlights such as the RuhrTriennale, the ExtraSchicht and the Traumzeit Festival leave their indelible mark on the cultural profile of this internationally well-known events venue.

Event locations in the Landscape Park

Power Plant

As the nave of the industrial cathedral and equipped with all the facilities of a modern events hall, the Power Plant provides the perfect layout to showcase your company. The Power Plant, 170 metres long and 34 metres wide, has ample space to accommodate up to 4,200 visitors and the most expansive ideas.

6000 m²

Max. 4200

Blower House Complex

Foyer, Blower House, Machine Foyer, Compressor Room and Pump House – five halls with their own individual combinations of strengths boasting a unique ambience. Mighty wind compressors, intricate pipe work and elegant architectural lighting endow the Blower House Complex with a distinctive charm.

2400 m²

Max. 1500

Casting House 1

Next to the kettle of Casthouse 1 which once used to glow white hot, today it’s modern life that catches fire. Film, lecture, theatre or concert – the Casthouse is suitable for open-air events even in bad weather, when a 600 m² foil cushion roof slides across the seating area accommodating up to 999 visitors. The weather stays outside and fun in the open air is guaranteed.

765 m²

Max. 1483


The two-storey building on the Emscherstrasse has not been a storehouse for a long time. And there’s hardly a building which has played such a major role in the development of the Landschaftspark, hardly any other building which exudes such charm with its winning combination of ‘old as the hills’ and renovated. The large white rooms with their arched windows reaching almost up to the ceilings are seminar and meeting rooms and the congenial setting means that press conferences are also regularly held here.

148 m²

Max. 99

Switch Room

The Switch Room in the Main Switching House is your conference and seminar room. Sitting at the desks and with all the equipment of the former control room in front of you, you’re now the one making the decisions. A large conference table offers plenty of space for up to 25 people in the Switch Room, the perfect forum for your discussions.

50 m²

Max. 25


The outside surfaces vary greatly in layout and covering. In some areas you’ll come across the foundations or parts of buildings of the old ironworks and then green areas. The surface dimensions provided, therefore, are for guidance only. Depending on the area chosen and its use, events with up to 15,000 visitors are possible.

1300-12500 m²

Max. 15000

Download the hallinformation

In our German Sales Guide you will find the event locations of the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. Find informations about the power plant, the blower house complex or the casting house.

Sales Guide (German Langauge, 13,3 MB)

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