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Industrial bike trails

Whether it’s through the intricate network of trails across the old railway yards or out to the farm at Emstermannshof, the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord provides lots of bike tours which offer a cycle trail to suit each individual according to his/her mood and taste.

Bike hire is available. A charging station for electric bikes is located in the Main Switching House. Guided bike tours are availabie at our page "Guided tours".

Lengthy Tours

Emscher Park Cycle Trail (Emscher Park Radweg)

On the ‘Emscher Park Cycle Trail’ you discover the region’s areas of green from Duisburg to Hamm. With a length of 230 km, the ‘Emscher Park Cycle Trail’ links the projects of the Emscher Landscape Park and a new cultural landscape.

Green Path (Grüner Pfad)

A particularly beautiful section of the Emscher Park Cycle Trail is the 10 km long ‘Green Path’. On the trackbed of closed railway, the trail takes you from Oberhausen Osterfeld to the Rhine, giving easy access to the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord.

RuhrtalRadweg (Ruhr Valley Cycle Route)

The RuhrtalRadweg (Ruhr Valley Cycle Route) is classified by the ADFC, the General German Cycling Club, as a trail of real distinction. It takes you in several stages from the Sauerland to the Ruhr District, ending in Duisburg on the banks of the Rhine – no distance at all from the Landscape Park.

Industrial Heritage Cycle Route

The ‘Industrial Heritage Cycle Route’, a good 700 km in length, is just as impressive as the Ruhr Valley Cycle Route. As one of the main trails on the Industrial Heritage Route, the Emscher Park Cycle Trail goes from Duisburg to Hamm through the industrial landscape of the Ruhr District and past the central features of the Ruhr’s industrial history, such as Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord.

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