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Walking trails

For those traveling on foot the Landschaftspark reveals secret gardens, growing nature, interesting views and an industrial monument that is very much alive. From the ascent of Blast Furnace 5 to the parkland's extensive green spaces, the park can be explored on foot.

There is an industrial history circular trail with information about the past and the present; and there are gardens, meadows and expanses of water and a natural landscape where nature has grown back, reclaiming its terrain from industry. Visitors can devise a route of their choosing through the park, with the help of information columns and signs on the buildings and throughout the site. A map you will find at our page Downloads.

The paths have very secure surfaces and take you past extensive meadows where children can run around and let off steam to their heart’s content. Many play areas provides for more fun.

The footpaths in the Landschaftspark are as far as possible barrier-free. Dogs are always most welcome in the park; have to be walked on a leash, though.

Tip: use your smartphone and a QR code app to experience our Park+Points which provide lots of useful information, pictures and videos.

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