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Circular Clarifying Tanks

Did you know that …

… the two circular clarifying tanks have a diameter of 34 metres and each hold 2,100 m³ of water?

… the rainwater collected in the clarifying tanks then flows into the Clear Water Canal? In this way the old pipes can also sensibly be used in the Landscape Park’s new water system.

... the clarifying tanks are 5 metres deep and during the development phase of the site were used by the divers now resident in the Gasometer?

… more than 100 specimens of a very rare freshwater jellyfish live in the clarifying tanks? The botanical name of the jellyfish is craspedacusta sowerbyi.

… the jellyfish only grow to a size of 2.5 cm and have a water content of 93%? This makes them the most water-rich animals.

… the jellyfish mainly lie on the bottom of the tanks, but in sunny weather they rise to the surface?

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