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New Administration

Did you know that …

... the ‘New Administration’ was built on the foundations of a former washhouse? And this is why today the building only has a partial cellar.

… the former washhouse was the ironworks’ first social building?

… on the second floor of the New Administration, the Landscape Park’s so-called ‘Ground Staff Hut’ is to be found, which is used by park staff who are responsible for the park’s structural development, maintenance and care of the green spaces?

… the interior rooms of the ‘Ground Staff Hut’ were redesigned on the basis of plans drawn up by the Ralf Badura firm of architects in 2008 without having any damaging effect on the listed building?

... this solid, three-storey construction with gable end roof was built in the New Objectivity style of the 50s? Interesting features are the smooth rendered window surrounds, an imitation of the limestone surrounds which were all so fashionable in the 1930s.

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