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Old Administration

Did you know that …

… the Old Administration Building, as the ironworks' social building, comprised wash and changing rooms as well as a canteen for the workforce?

… when the works was operational, there was a medicinal spa facility in the cellar? Tubs were filled with hot sulphurous water to provide a thermal bath for people in search of a cure from Duisburg and the surrounding area?

... the beautiful exterior wall of the building is finished with a painted sandstone rendering?

… the Old Administration Building used to house the Visitors’ Centre when the Landscape Park was opened? But from 2001 it has been home to the Youth Hostel, the Visitors’ Centre being located in the Main Switching House.

… there’s overnight accommodation for 140 guests in bedrooms with modern furnishings?

… there are four meeting rooms accommodating up to 60 people in the historic building? Further information on the Youth Hostel is to be found here.

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