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The Landscape Park’s homepage in a new guise

The Landscape Park is pleased to present the new version of its website The new user-friendly navigation places visitors at the heart of the former ironworks, and the homepage now has a photo gallery displaying visitors’ views and impressions. The website also links seamlessly to social media via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

And what’s particularly important is that, from now on, the site’s flexibility makes it compatible with all display devices such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer, which had not been possible before.

On average 1.5 million visitors a year had previously visited to get information about the disused ironworks, the most frequent searches being for the latest news, the range of leisure activities, the light installation, opening hours, and dates and times. Almost 450,000 visitors a year use their mobile phone to access the site.

The Landscape Park Duisburg Nord’s website is the flagship of its online communication. The site was last completely updated in 2011. The new version of the website is the result of collaboration between Duisburg Kontor Hallenmanagement GmbH, the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord and KRANKIKOM Alexander Kranki Kommunikation GmbH.


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